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Furnace Puffback

Crystal Restoration Services of New England, Inc. offers emergency Puffback Restoration Services throughout CT.  A Puffback may occur when and oil burner furnace backfires and the smoke and soot is sent through the HVAC system into the property’s structure.  The soot may be light and appear as dust or a very heavy coating.  This soot can cause unsettling damage to your walls, floors, furniture and personal belongings.  It usually has a strong odor that will attach to any exposed soft goods with the building (upholstery, drapery, carpets and clothing).  A complete check and maintenance of the HVAC oil furnace system should be conducted and any repairs completed during the cleaning process.

Furnace Puffback

At Crystal Restoration Services, we use specialized equipment to remove the visible soot and odors, as well as the entire HVAC duct system.  Because puffbacks increase the amount the carbon monoxide present, it is essential to being the remediation process immediately.  The removal of puffback debris should be left to professionals and not handled with standard cleaning products, which will stir up the soot and cause additional damage and potentially worsen medical effects of those in the structure.

We use high-tech air filtration systems which allow for the cleaning, sanitizing and deodorization of the air and the contain the soot.  The HVAC system will be completely decontaminated to ensure no further soot enters the property.

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