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Odor Removal Services

Crystal Restoration Services of New England, Inc. offers 24/7 Odor Removal Services in Connecticut, for both residential and commercial properties. Residual odors often present after fire or smoke damage. These odors can become offensive the longer they linger, therefore should be addressed immediately. The odors may be on the walls, carpets, furniture and draperies. Crystal Restoration uses a combination of methods to ensure that odors are completely eliminated in the damaged property.

Our trained professionals use high-tech cleaning techniques to remove the pungency and restore the structure and its’ contents to their original condition. These conditions which results from fire and smoke damage should be remediated by professionals as soon as possible. Allowing the odors to fester will increase the potential for further damage. In most case, our deep cleaning process can reverse the discoloration of soft goods, such as carpets, drapery and upholstery. This reduces the cost for replacement of these items.

We begin the restoration process, by removing the source of the odor from the air, using high powered air scrubbers. Then we examine each affected item to determine if it is salvageable. If it is, we clean, sanitize, decontaminate and deodorize each individual item, bringing back its’ luster.

Odor Removal & Air Sanitization

Odor Removal Services include:
24/7 Emergency Response

Odor Mitigation

Remove Source of the Odor

Powered Air Scrubbers

Examine Each Affected Item

Refurbish Items that can be saved

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