Water Damage

Crystal Restoration Services of New England, Inc. has been providing emergency water damage removal services, in Connecticut for over 50 years.  As the state’s premiere restoration company, we understand that having available emergency restoration services are critical for homeowners and business owners faced with severe property damage.  Without prompt action, vandalism, structural deterioration, fungus spore growth and permeating odors can become significant.  Our team of certified water damage specialists handle water damage claims with a coordinated program designed to remove water and prevent further damage.

Upon initial contact, our cleaning technicians conduct an immediate and thorough inspection of the water damaged property, in order to assess the repair needs and secure the property from further damage.  Next, we remove all standing water with commercial wet vacuums, pump out the water and dry all affected surfaces.  Interior walls and sub floors are also dried using high-volume air movers to circulate air at high rates of speed.  When necessary, we remove water damaged carpets and padding and salvage whenever possible.  All of the floors are completely dried and the necessary repair work is performed.

When personal property has been damaged by water, we attempt to salvage them.  These items include important documents, works of art, draperies, computers and electronics, and appliances.  Our professionals thoroughly dry and sanitize them, bringing them back to their pre-damaged condition whenever possible.

Our team is professionally trained in the latest techniques of dehumidification, where we dehumidify the premises to remove airborne particles, mildew, mold and odor, which results from excessive moisture.  Finally, the affected areas of the structure are decontaminated and disinfected to kill any residual bacteria resulting from organic waste with specially formulated antimicrobial solutions.

Water Damage Restoration Services include:
24/7 Emergency Services
Emergency Water Extraction
Water Damage Mitigation
Flood Damage Restoration
Emergency Roof Tarping
Content Cleaning & Restoration
Hurricane Damage Repair
Removal & Containment of Odors caused by Mold & Mildew
Structural Drying & Dehumidification
Carpet Cleaning & Restoration
Mold and Mildew Containment & Removal
Storm Damage Repair
Direct Billing to Insurance Company