Air Care Duct Cleaning, a division of Crystal Restoration Services of New England, Inc. is a leader in providing HVAC/Duct Cleaning throughout Connecticut.  Fire damage, smoke damage or water damage can cause serious problems to your home or business’ HVAC system.  The heating and air conditioning system ducts are generally the first items cleaned and checked following a water or fire damage emergency. Because the system is usually on during the event, it can work to spread soot, smoke, or bacteria throughout the structure—making prompt corrective action imperative.

Air_care_southington_ctIn general, a professional cleaning and deodorizing treatment is both less costly and more time-saving than system replacement, therefore minimizing property losses.  Air Care Duct Cleaning offers complete cleaning restoration of residential and commercial HVAC systems following puff-backs, boiler explosions, fires, floods, and similar emergencies.  To prevent further contamination, the air duct system is first back-sealed, the air handling unit is turned off, and filtering material placed over all registers and return vents.

If water damage is a problem, the system is pre-fogged with a specially formulated Air Care Duct Cleaning fungicide. This kills any mold or mildew that may be present and minimizes the risk of recontamination.  Once the system has been purged of all soot that can be physically removed, a special polymer sealer is fogged throughout the ductwork to ensure that no further fallout occurs. Deodorizers are then forced through the system to remove any lingering odors.

Finally, filter covers are removed and new filters installed. (If there is a possibility of recontamination, Air Care Duct Cleaning’s crews will install additional filtering devices in the register areas and return vents until reconstruction and total restoration of the building is complete.)

  We use a state of the art truck mounted unit  made by American Caddy Vac

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