Furniture Restoration

Crystal Restoration Services of New England, Inc. has been providing furniture restoration services in Connecticut for over 50 years. One of the most devastating effects of a fire or water emergency is the potential loss of treasured family heirlooms and antiques. As an honest and trusted company, we handle your treasured items as if they were our own. However, in most cases, fine wood furniture can be brought back to life effectively by Crystal Restoration Services’ special wood restoration techniques. In fact, 90% of damaged wood furnishings can be restored to “even better than before” condition, providing restoration work has begun promptly and the wood has not been severely burned or water has not penetrated the surface beyond our control.


The restoration process is the same whether the furniture remains on site or is removed to Crystal Restoration Services’ storage facility. If the piece is water damaged, all moisture is removed in a special drying chamber. Further restoration cannot proceed until the piece is completely dry. Portable drying chambers are provided and delivered to job sites. Once dry, the furniture is carefully cleaned with Crystal Restoration Services’ specially formulated wood cleaner. This careful cleaning removes soot—the damaging residue from fires, boiler explosions, and puff-backs.

After cleaning, the furniture is placed in a state-of-the-art ozone chamber for deodorization. It takes at least 24 hours to extract residual smoke odor trapped in wood and fabric. We then apply special oils and furniture polishes to restore the wood’s natural beauty and color and preserve the grain, being extremely careful to polish with the grain. If warehoused, the restored furniture is carefully wrapped and stored until the owner is ready for delivery, with each item inventoried and tagged.

Crystal Restoration Services’ wood restoration process is equally effective in restoring the beauty of structural woods: paneling, moldings, woodwork and wood trim pieces. Our painstaking techniques not only restore the visual beauty of each piece, but also help them retain their natural and often antique value. Our restoration of antique furnishings is extremely critical in minimizing both claim costs and property losses.