Emergency Moving & Storage

As a full service property restoration company, Crystal Restoration Services of New England, Inc. offers emergency moving and storage services in Connecticut.  If your home or business has suffered damage resulting from fire, smoke, water or mold, it is imperative to remove all unaffected personal belongings to prevent them from being damaged.

These personal and building contents may need to be moved out of the damaged site and stored elsewhere until restoration work is completed. Often called a “pack-out,” the procedure is similar to a household or office move with one major exception: only restorable items are moved. Moved items (furniture, electronic equipment, clothing, etc.) are stored in a carefully controlled and secure Crystal Restoration Services facility.

There are a number of reasons for moving items off the premises.  If the structure itself has sustained heavy damages but the contents are essentially unharmed, the contents are moved so that property reconstruction can proceed more easily (this also prevents damage to contents from the reconstruction process itself).  If the structure is not secure, contents are moved to minimize additional losses from vandalism or theft.  Some contents may be heavily damaged by water or smoke and require extensive restoration on and off premises.

If moving and storage are necessary, Crystal Restoration Services’ crew members will inventory, wrap, box and tag every item. Once restoration has been completed, we will carefully return all furnishings to their original location. We will provide on & off site dumpsters.

Important Note: In any case of water, smoke, or fire damage, immediate attention to
cleaning and restoration is critical in minimizing both claim costs and property loss.