Electronics Restoration

Crystal Restoration Services of New England, Inc. provides emergency electronic restoration services throughout Connecticut.  When a home or business is damaged by fire, smoke or water, oftentimes the electronic equipment suffers damage as well.  There are several reasons why restoration of your high-tech electronic equipment can be a better choice than replacement.

Restoration is generally far less costly than purchasing new equipment.  It is often possible for Crystal Restoration Services of New England’s technicians to restore equipment without memory interruption, thereby minimizing loss of income liability and “down time”. Prompt action on the part of our experienced control technicians is essential for successful corrosion control. Crystal Restoration Services of New England performs a two-stage restoration process:

1. Emergency Treatment
All equipment is treated with special lubricants to prevent further damage to the metals. Any visible water is carefully extracted and the equipment is then dried in a specially-designed controlled heat chamber. All equipment is lubricated daily throughout the restoration process, preventing additional deterioration or corrosion.

2. Restoration
Crystal Restoration Services of New England special ultrasonic cleaning methods offer a fast, safe, and complete cleaning of smoke, soot, and other contaminants that can cause total equipment malfunction. Various solvents are also used in painstaking hand cleaning of each piece. Careful matching of the correct solvent with the type of material being cleaned is critical, since wrong solvents can cause irreparable damage.

Once restored, all equipment is reassembled and tested. Crystal Restoration Services of New England will then contact a manufacturer’s representative to have the units recertified as operational before being delivered to the homeowner or storage facility.