Drapery & Upholstery Restoration

Crystal Restoration Services of New England, Inc.’s technicians are experienced in all aspects of drapery, upholstery, and carpet cleaning and restoration in Connecticut. Wherever possible, cleaning is performed on-site. If materials must be moved, technicians will carefully pack all items for removal to our storage facility. It is important to treat all furnishings and materials promptly to maximize the chances for full restoration to pre-damage conditions.

Draperies and Upholstery:
All fabrics are carefully inspected and tested to determine which cleaning method is most appropriate to insure colorfast application.

All stains are specially treated and fabrics cleaned using Crystal Restoration Services of New England, Inc.’s exclusive methods and special formulas.

All fabrics are thoroughly deodorized to remove any smoke or mildew odors. Ozone treatments to fabric follow as secondary procedure.

Carpet and Area Rugs:
In order to remove all traces of odor and/or mildew, carpets must be thoroughly deep-cleaned immediately following a fire or water emergency. Residual effects from smoke, soot, mold, or mildew odors can become permanently impregnated in the carpet fibers. Restoration methods vary depending on the type of carpet being treated.

In the case of carpets glued to the floors Crystal Restoration Services of New England’s technicians will remove all excess water, treat the carpet with a specially formulated fungicide, clean thoroughly using state-of-the-art machines and methods, and then retreat the carpet with fungicides and deodorants during additional cleaning procedures.

For carpets with pads, similar procedures are followed. It is important to note that wet pads cannot usually be restored one hundred percent and therefore are generally replaced by our trained installers.